Stay Warm and Cozy All Winter

Invest in a boiler installation in Geneva & Batavia, IL

If your heating system isn't working its best, that winter chill may find its way into your home. Thompson's Plumbing & Heating can fix that with our boiler installation and replacement services in Geneva & Batavia, IL. We can install standard, tankless and indirect systems, and we can work with any brand and model. To get a free estimate for a boiler installation, contact our team today.

Say goodbye to cold floors with radiant floor heating

Say goodbye to cold floors with radiant floor heating

We've all been there - you get out of your warm bed and step onto a cold floor as you enter the bathroom or kitchen. Our team performs radiant floor heating installations that will make your floors nice and toasty. The two most popular way to achieve this are:

Hot water systems - Hot water is pumped from your boiler and through tubes that are installed under your flooring.
Electric systems - Electric mats containing heating cables are installed under your flooring.

Whether you want indoor or outdoor radiant floor heating, we can help. Our team can also heat your walls. Schedule an appointment with our team today to get started.